Saturday, 19 May 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding celebration!

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Politicians Who Oppose Monarchy Get 'Onslaught' Of Abuse And Death Threats, Says Labour MP.

Perhaps is true, but I am Not a Monarchy, or non-Monarchy person, except born in Mexico, which my life over there is complete different than England - to be compare and as such, my children perhaps think the same as me, FREELY and I apologies for the same, when reflects the full fact that I am a foreign individual, not because I insult anybody, but because I am a "freethinker", which is different one, to another, that my country gave me that freedom and since born.   

However, in all my notes, blog and FB page speak with my full respect towards humanity in general, including Monarchy life, also speak of the true of the real facts with links, photos and documents including and in order to protect myself legally not matter how much it hurts, your past is your past and your true is your true, never mine at any time and in order to be hurled a wave of abuse, treat like criminal and all the time my personal matters are badly affected, infected, spammed, hurt, trashed, bullied and never your bullies that create the bullying, but innocents peoples like me, that write the true, because I was not born in the UK, except citizen and whoever done the matters should be thinking of today, as well as yesterday, except that I am an Historian writer, like your J.K. Rowling, Barbara Cartland, Andrew Morton and everyone that develops different, as me, that I love to write the past and I ask "in public and for public concern" RESPECT into my life, matters as WRITER and in the same way, that I respect your BRITISH way of life.

When I write into the past, as an Historian, with my full broken English and how I understand as Mexican born and I am complete neutral, neither at any time, I caused the matters of the past and in order to receive your other end, full blast, wave of abuse, punching, bullying which should be a crime in law for the abuse that is against any individual, "freethinker" like me and many of your British peoples, as your Labour MP (republican Emma Dent Coad) speak open of ordeal, intolerance, issue, matters and abuse, that should be a crime in law for the unprovoked attack, because your J.K. Rowling, Barbara Cartland, Andrew Morton and the rest, never receive this kind of unsolicited attacks, except me and whoever speak open, freely of any issues that concern the world and act as "freethinker" -

As "freethinker" not matter how much your singers performed at Harry´s stunning wedding and even HRH Princess Diana of Wales sister spoke ("The winter is past, the rain is over and gone... Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it,") so candid during the celebration, when in reality bullies should be thinking of today, from past actions, that in law calls "united we stand" with the murder spree, violence, abuse, bullying to innocents victims (like King Edward, The Eight, Princess Margaret, Prince William of Gloucester, Princess Diana of Wales and etc), ready to hide the bodies by the Crown, government, the church and family members that aid the betrayal scheme for today! -

As such, many victims unable to celebrate any love (Barry Mannakee, James Hewitt, Dodi Fayed, James Gilbey, Oliver Hoare, Will Carling, Hasnat Khan and the rest stalked by horrid scandal, public embarrassment and even death, so what is there to celebrate, but murder with intention and the full fact that, Diana, Princess of Wales was never left alone, but continue removed everything from her with intention to hurt, mean in law stalk, hunt, bully, with not protection for "private" life, like Prince Charles and his mistress, Camilla, today married and after "divorce", alive, well, happy, content, instead the victim - well trashed, badly hurt, killed, pretend and act as if, with no care in the world and wonder where is the law!?) whatsoever, because removed with full intention, neither enjoyed (HRH Princess Diana of Wales) son marriage, as today, to Meghan Markle, but trashed victims (King Edward, The Eight, Princess Margaret, Prince William of Gloucester, Princess Diana of Wales and etc) with no care, love, respect and killed in cold blood, murder with intention to end a life and unable to pray ('love is the way') any kind of love by the bullies, that should be thinking of this criminal assault, damage against humanity and before, today is far too late to hide the bodies, pretend and even play the offended with eulogy speech, when in reality, we are counting everyone badly affected by the abuse of such higher position, against humanity, amen.
etc ..

As law abide person, with equal rights as my own personal believes, mean student of the English law and educate by myself, unable to continue your hypocrisy life, pretenses and speeches, when I can see a wave of bodies left on the road by past criminal damaged, that intent to hide today with love and nobody intent to bring them to courts for a proper hearing, justice, because may purchased in the long way, past and hide with intention to close a chapter, even leave the community to guess and many to take the law into own hands, by the continue abuse of power and profession.  

My matter was never Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marriage, but your past (King Edward, The Eight, Princess Margaret, Prince William of Gloucester, Princess Diana of Wales and etc) will open the doors to Prince Charles and become a "divorce" King, while was not possible for the rest victims (King Edward, The Eight, Princess Margaret, Prince William of Gloucester, Princess Diana of Wales and etc) and even intent Camilla to become Queen, the same person that trashed Diana, Princess of Wales to bits and when married to Prince Charles, when not even Prince Philip is allowed today, become a King of England, consider his dynasty, time spend re-build a country after WWII, years of helping develop the Elizabethan era, Monarchy background and Diana, Princess of Wales badly hurt to stop anyone to meddle into their own way and "private life", as today, when her own was badly hurt by the sick, ill, depraved spread, intolerance, hate propaganda, stalk and bullying, but fortunately, there is one God up there, that his laws are always justice, because the British system is complete purchased and that you do not remember the past is not my problem, but unfortunately happened against a victim, by her own family, blood, relate:
etc ..

I protect me and my children with the law, any law worldwide, including the magna carta, canon law, rule of law, that my lord is my witness, so help me god and so be it in law, Rosario Castellanos de Parker